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Potato Play Grows by Acquiring "Merge Friends" from Skunkworks Oy

SINGAPORE – 8 November 2023

Potato Play Pte. Ltd., a leading mobile gaming startup, is thrilled to announce its acquisition of the popular game, "Merge Friends," from Helsinki-based studio Skunkworks Oy. This acquisition further solidifies Potato Play's commitment to the rapidly expanding merge game market, a segment reshaping the landscape of casual puzzle gaming.

Merge games, characterized by the satisfaction derived from combining objects to achieve upgrades, are one of the fastest growing segments within the $15B casual puzzle game market. Potato Play, with its pioneering track record in merge games, aims to continue being at the forefront of this evolution. "Merge Restaurant," the company's flagship title, has already garnered over 4 million downloads. Coupled with published 3rd-party titles like "Merge Quest," "Merge Rush Z," and "Spookyville" which account for a collective 27 million downloads, Potato Play has established itself as a serious player in the merge game domain.

"We recognize the immense potential of merge games and how they've transformed casual gaming. Acquiring 'Merge Friends' is in line with our vision to continually innovate and entertain our vast user base," said Vincent Low, CEO of Potato Play. "We’re really excited to take over this title from Skunkworks, a pioneer in its own right from the European hub of mobile game development, and continue providing Merge Friends users with a great gaming experience."

"Merge Friends" is an engaging game where players rebuild a town through intriguing merges, trades, and building projects, making it an excellent addition to Potato Play's merge portfolio. In a message to the fans of "Merge Friends", Potato Play said that they can look forward to continued support, as Potato Play is well-positioned to infuse the title with its proven expertise in merge games.

Potato Play, with offices in Singapore and China, and team members in India and France, is known for its open culture, emphasizing collaboration, data-sharing, and transparent decision-making. The team's dedicated professionals are passionate about gaming and are driven by data-informed innovation.

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